FAQs About Clear & Brilliant Treatment

How will Clear and Brilliant improve my skin?

The outermost layers of our skin act like barriers that protect the inner layers from harm. The top layers become damaged, but because of the skin’s slower turnover rate, they do not get replaced as quickly as needed. Clear and Brilliant helps to boost the skin’s health by speeding up cellular turnover.

After the treatment, your skin will feel smoother and the appearance of pores and uneven texture will be reduced. The production of collagen, which occurs deep within your skin, will help improve your skin’s firmness. Clear and Brilliant will improve your skin’s glow from the inside out. Used in conjunction with good skincare, Clear and Brilliant treatment can be a part of your anti-aging regimen that will help to reverse the visible signs of aging.

Is the procedure safe?

Clear and Brilliant is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes a gentle laser that is moved across the problem areas of your skin. It is a very safe procedure with a slim to zero chance of serious injury or prolonged complications.Who can get the procedure done?Clear and Brilliant is suitable for people of all ages. For youthful skin, it will help to prolong the appearance of an even and unblemished appearance, whereas for more mature skin, it will help to restore a brighter complexion.

Are there any side effects?

Certain side effects after Clear and Brilliant include redness, dryness, and minor discomfort as the skin is undergoing the renewal process; any irritation or sensitivity will subside very quickly. Clear and Brilliant is an effective treatment with little to no down time.

How many treatments will be the best for me?

Each person’s skin differs in its response to certain treatments; therefore, the results will vary for everyone. Please contact us to learn more about Clear and Brilliant as well as other laser resurfacing options we offer in office. After examining the areas to treat during your initial consultation with us, we will offer you a personalized treatment that is best suited for your needs.

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