Kybella for Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction

As we age, we start to store fat on our body in awkward ways and in places where we did not store fat before. As a result of this, we may develop a double chin. Having a double chin changes the way that you look. It makes you look older, and it makes you look heavier. In times past, your only option for addressing a double chin was to undergo liposuction. This is not the procedure of choice for many people because they just don’t trust it. They have heard enough horror stories about things going wrong with liposuction that they don’t want to have the procedure performed. If you have a double chin and don’t want to undergo surgery, there is good news. Recently, the FDA approved Kybella® for non-surgical double chin reduction.

Kybella® is an injectable treatment that has been clearly shown to effectively remove submental fat. Now that there is a way to get rid of a double chin without surgery, many people are looking at this option.

The solution is made primarily of deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a molecule that is naturally found in your body. It’s a molecule that your body uses to get rid of dietary fat. When this molecule is skillfully injected in the chin area, it immediately starts to target fat cells. When the fat cells die, your body’s natural waste removal process kicks in, and the fat cells are flushed out of your body.

The results are seen gradually over the course of the following months. While Kybella® does not offer immediate results, it is entirely non-surgical and requires virtually no recovery time. The treatment is performed in the comfort of our office.

For many individuals, Kybella® has been a dream come true. It has allowed them to get rid of the double chin that has plagued them while at the same time avoiding risky surgery and lengthy downtime. To see if this treatment can benefit you, make an appointment at McGuiness Dermatology. We are proud to have seven convenient offices located in Anna, Dallas, Flower Mound, Murphy, Plano, Prosper and Richardson. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for Kybella®!

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