Scar Treatment


How to Treat Scars and Reduce Appearance of Scar Tissue

Scars are rather complex forms of tissue. Why they appear can, at times, be somewhat puzzling. They can be resistant to treatment or slow to respond, and what works to treat scars often varies greatly from one scar to another. There are many types of treatments for scars, including:

  • Excision followed by superficial radiation treatment
  • Injection with one or a series of cortisone shots or 5-FU
  • Topical treatment with over-the-counter products like Mederma, vitamin E, or aloe for many weeks
  • Occlusion with silicon gel sheets for many weeks
  • Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen
  • Laser treatment with erbium 1550nm or pulsed dye lasers
  • IPL treatments
  • CO2 laser treatments followed by topical 5-FU
  • Time. In many cases, with the passage of time, and no specific treatment, scars become less prominent.

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